Canada D’eh

It’s the big 150 for Canada this year! I visited Ottawa around half a year ago and I’m pretty sure they were already preppin’ for this big day. I’m spending the actual day (July 1) in Toronto, but I spent the week prior to Canada Day in Ottawa so I was able to peak at how things were looking. Not surprisingly, there was construction everywhere around Parliament Hill, with stages being built here and there, and our beloved red maple leaf decorating every street. Despite how often I may complain about living in Canada (I mean c’mon, our winters are pretty brutal), deep down I truly am grateful for being able to grow up in such an amazing country. Canada, you are one of a kind ❤

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To all my fellow Canadians, HAVE A WONDERFUL CANADA DAY!!

Love, Lena


Photographers: Parliament Hill photo by Martijn Schetselaar (ig: @martijnschetselaar) | Toronto photos by Tien Chang (ig: @sklervy)

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