Bring Back the Backpacks

Who said you gotta ditch your backpack once you’re done school? For some reason, after middle school, a lot of girls tossed their backpacks to the side and started using tote bags – well, I guess you could say they’re a more fashionable option. But I, for one, actually prefer backpacks over totes especially if I’m planning on carrying heavy items. Backpacks are so much easier to carry and, not to mention, a lot more gentle on your shoulders. If I’m spending a long day out, I usually try to grab a backpack. But when I say backpack, I don’t necessarily mean those stereotypical for-school ones! Backpacks come in so many unique shapes, fabric, and sizes, just like any kind of bag, and I find them to be such a cute addition to an outfit!

Here I’m wearing one of my favourites: a mini all-white Charles & Keith backpack (is it not adorable?!), paired with a denim dress and Stan Smiths. Going for a bit of a chic-school girl look!

IMG_5956IMG_5959FullSizeRender 4FullSizeRender 5IMG_5288IMG_5955

Love, Lena



Photographer: Patrick Leung

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