How To Style Neck Scarves

It’s funny to think that just a little while ago, silk square neck scarves only reminded me of two things: old fashioned women or flight attendants. However, silk scarves made a grand re-entrance into the fashion scene, and now I’m in love with how they look! My mum was delightfully surprised when I asked if she happened to own any, and she gave me this beautiful Celine silk scarf. Apparently it was one of her favourites and she was so happy that I wanted to wear it!

I styled this white and beige/brown scarf with a blue chambray top and pleather skirt. I wanted the scarf to stand out, so I avoided having any other whites in the rest of my outfit. I just love how these  scarves add a chic, Parisian accent to any outfit!

Because the rest of my outfit is quite dark coloured, my scarf really pops out and brightens up my face. I’m so excited to style this scarf with other outfits!

Unlike the previous scarf, this one is long and thin. I saw it at Zara and just had to get my hands on them! It’s thin and lightweight so it’s good for those warmer days.

Here, I went for a simple, yet stylish, monochromatic look. I styled the black scarf with a white sleeveless top, black culottes and black chunky sandals. The white top works nicely as a background for the scarf to stand out against.

I’m currently obsessed with these two scarves and I’m looking to add more to my closet! Comment below if you have any suggestions on where to get them 🙂 Hope you liked my two outfit ideas!


Lena ❤



Scarf: Celine

Top: Club Monaco

Bottom: Abercrombie & Fitch

Shoes: Steve Madden


Scarf: Zara

Top: Club Monaco

Bottom: Aritzia

Shoes: Bought in Tokyo

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